Adventure bike kits for Husqvarna 701 Enduro & KTM 690 Enduro 

Kit Component Descriptions

Fuel Tanks

  • 2 x 9 litre tanks.

  • The tanks have been designed using an aluminium insert unique in design which basically eliminates the chance for the insert to ever ‘spin’ in the tank

  • 3 x Larger diameter inserts have been used for each of the rear bracket mounts in the tank reducing the likelihood of flex and sheer load on the bolts

  • OEM tank rubbers are used to secure the tanks to the frame and aluminium collars

  • Each tank has 3 fixing/mounting points, one fixed and the other two are floating, the same as rallye design, this allows the tanks to expand and contract without putting undue force on the mounting system.

  • The front right tank now houses the fuel pump and sender unit. Removing it from the rear fuel cell allows for the rear tank to be gravity fed to the front, equalizing the fuel as it is used and also allowing for easier and quicker trail side access for maintenance.

  • (An example of this is, if a filter or fuel pump was to fail trail side the conventional method to access it would be to remove the pannier racks, muffler/header pipe junction, rear mud flap, seat and battery and lower tank bolt and swing up the tank to gain access to the fuel pump and sender unit, in turn losing the majority of your valuable fuel.

  • The HARDkit system is simply to lay the bike on its side, remove two bolts for the bash plate, two bolts for the tank protectors and eight bolts and the pump and sender are out, the fuel simply drains to the rear and opposite side tanks).

  • The tanks have plastic tank protectors in the lower corners for added protection

  • The tank graphics are applied after the cooking process and will not bubble or peel off like stickers.

  • The billet filler necks are another important part fitted as when the plastic expands and contracts the fuel caps become very tight and awkward to remove and re fit, the aluminium eliminates this, they are fitted with 6 x stainless steel bolts and an o’ring to seal correctly.

Header Pipe

  • The use of the lower pipe is required to clear the fuel tanks.

  • For the pipe to follow its original lines we would lose too much fuel volume and reduce the integrity of the fuel tank in the process.

  • The header pipe is manufactured using a 304 grade stainless steel 50.8m diameter tube with the O2 sensor fitted in the same position as the standard pipe, the header is tapered from the head through the first elbow the same as the standard pipe as well.

  • A new floating bracket is supplied and fitted behind the foot peg and a new muffler bracket is supplied and fitted to allow for the lower position required for the muffler.

  • Again all using standard bolts that suit the genuine tool kit.

Lower Support Bracket

  • The lower support bracket is attached to the aluminium cast ‘forks’ engine support brackets, using the four (4) existing threaded M6 holes, the lower support bracket holds/mounts the bash plate and the lower fuel tank fixing points, these tank brackets are rubber mounted and floating.

  • The lower support bracket is 3mm 304 grade stainless steel and bolts together using standard OEM fixings as well.

  • The lower support bracket also accommodates the REG/REC the same as the rallye bike (690RFR) as it will not fit behind the tank.

Bash Plate

  • The bash plate is constructed using carbon fibre and Kevlar composites and is made 30-40mm wider than the outside edges of the fuel tanks, this allows the bash plate to take the initial impact from a crash or lay down before flexing towards the tank protectors.

  • The purpose of a large bash plate is not only for bike protection but for rider protection and their feet.

Navigation Tower and Headlight Assembly

  • The navigation tower attachment point is completely bolt on, attaching using the existing ignition barrel fixing points and pinch fit at the lower clamp, using 12mm and 16mm aluminium plates has proved to be extremely strong and crash resistant as we have only replaced one ever, (and mind you, old mate went home in an ambulance)

  • The new side plates are constructed using a carbon fibre, we lay up a 3mm thick sheet and water jet cut the holes and shape for accuracy.

  • These side plates are cross braces and also house a bracket that support the indicator relay and air sensor harness, as well as having a 28mm hole in each side plate to accommodate accessories power and USB ports for charging.

  • The headlight assembly uses 60mm Hella projector lights the same as the rallye bikes 690-450 hi and low beam.

  • Genuine KTM 450 RFR rallye headlight tray and dust cover is used, again all fixings are OEM and suit standard tool kit.

  • Our new design has reduced weight again as well as being almost 100mm lower to the Series 2 design which improves the overall performance and handling characteristics of the bike.

Dash Panel

  • The new dash is constructed from pre-pregnated carbon fibre and is attached using isolation rubbers attached to the navigation tower, this reduces vibration from the engines harmonics at certain rev ranges.

  • The dash assembly also using two location pins for ease of fitting the screen as well as stabilizing the screen.


  • The front clear screen is a genuine 450 rallye screen, we use the same mounting clips and rubberized fixings, the side panels are a fiberglass construction and marry to the tank lines and are mechanically attached using a M6 bolt each side, we have found that using non mechanical fixings such as bolts, the vibration damages the fairings over time and distorts the shape of the holes.

  • The side fairings are pre drilled to accommodate the standard indicators and have been designed to flex in case of impact to a certain degree and fit well within the impact zones of the bike.

Sticker Kits

  • The HARDkit comes standard with a sticker kit for the side fairings, the front mask, swing arm and fork protectors.

Wiring Harness

  • Due to the additional lights set and moving of the fuel pump we supply an extension cable for the fuel pump and a new wiring harness from the battery (fused) to the headlights, this harness attaches directly into the existing light plug and has a relay fitted for when hi beam is activated hi and low come on together.

  • The new harness also has a heavier cable for accessories, most of our customers fit grip warmers, GPS, two-way radios, USB chargers and camera chargers and SPOT trackers, keeping all this additional power draw separate from the genuine wiring loom.

Fuel Taps and Lines

  • The HARDkit comes complete with all fuel lines required to extend to the fuel injector, the three tanks have individual taps and blank off plates using genuine o’ring kits and can be switched on or off for easy access and tank removal.All ‘T’ pieces and EFI hose clamps and breather hoses are supplied.


  • The genuine seat of the 701 Enduro needs to be modified to accommodate the tanks.

  • A separate seat option will be available in the near future.

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