Adventure bike kits for Husqvarna 701 Enduro & KTM 690 Enduro 

Darren Wilson
Design, Production & Sales

2004 Egypt

HARDkits or H.A.R.D – Horizon-Adventure-Rallye-Designs, was founded in 2011 by owner and designer Darren Wilson on the Gold Coast, in an attempt to fill the void in the market when KTM had pulled the successful KTM 640 Adventure, which ran from 1998-2007. With the release of the 2008 model KTM 690 Enduro, customers the world over were waiting in anticipation for the Adventure model. When it became obvious that KTM had no intentions of building such a bike, Darren decided to build what he believed was the perfect adventure bike.


The Series 1 HARDkit 700RR was released to the public in 2013, in kit form, and many of the design concepts were based on the real rallye bikes. Some 20 kits where sold in the first 12-month period. •12 months later the Series 2 HARDkit 700RR was released which addressed a number of general use issues, such as ease of maintenance, reduced vibration and improving manufacturing techniques and design concepts, and over 60 units were sold with a number making their way to the USA.

With the evolution of the Dakar FIM series from 690CC to 450Cc maximum capacity and newly designed bikes it was only natural to emulate these designs and improvements to the HARDkit design. •HARDkits is not trying to make boy racer or rallye replica bikes, HARDkits is dedicated to making the ultimate ADVENTURE bike for ALL types of riders.

Lee and Claudia Palmer
Cross Roads

Over 20 years of experience in the Motorcycle business and an unlimited passion for Desert Rallyes were the reasons why Darren Wilson chose Lee and Claudia Palmer as partners for his Series 3 HARDKits.


Motorcycle mechanic by trade, Lee Palmer left  Australia 18 years ago to pursue an international career in motorsport. The 1996 Cross Country Ozy Champion and Australian Safari Class winner  raced Enduro and MX in NZ and all over Europe, before his engagement in the KTM rallye team triggered a passionate relationship with Desert Racing. Lee participated in several cross country rallies all over the world either on a motorbike or as a navigator in a race car. He was rewarded with a couple of podium finishes in World Championship events and a rich and exciting career. He can look back on nine participations in the Rallye Dakar and many other adventures on two or four wheels.

Lee knows the motorcycle business from all angles, he developed race bikes for KTM and BMW, he has raced and worked on rallyes, and for the last seven years he and his wife Claudia have built up their own motorcycle dealership Cross Roads Grafton in NSW Australia. Claudia was Team Manager and Coordinator for the BMW, KTM and Volkswagen Rallye Teams and  met Lee at KTM (where else?). She can look back on organizing and managing  rallye teams on ten Dakar and countless other smaller Rallies.


Lee and Claudia have worked together for more than 15 years, and they were working with the best - Meoni, Sainct, Coma, Despres, Cox, Roma, Caldecott and De Gavardo, to only name a few. •Lee and Claudia, and their staff at Cross Roads Grafton are excited to be the distributor for a product as great as the HARDKits Series 3, because this kit makes the standard Husky 701 Enduro and KTM 690 Enduro  THE ultimate Adventure bike without compromising the handling and  agility of the standard bike.

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